Our mission is to restore cell health and resilience through cellular rejuvenation programming to reverse disease, injury, and the disabilities that can occur throughout life.

  • A community of leading scientists, clinicians, and leaders from both academia and industry will work together towards this common mission.
  • Altos is based in the US in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego, and in the UK in Cambridge. The company also has significant collaborations in Japan.
  • The Altos Board of Directors and advisors include Nobel Laureates and scientific leaders.

Altos is dedicated to unraveling the deep biology of cellular rejuvenation programming.    

Altos is designed to integrate the best features of academia and industry -- from academia, the freedom to pursue the most challenging problems in biology, and from industry, the focus on a shared mission, ability to foster deep collaborations, and the passion and commitment to transform science into medicines.

The Altos Institutes of Science will pursue deep scientific questions and integrate their findings into one collaborative research effort. The Altos Institute of Medicine will capture knowledge generated about cell health and programming and develop transformative medicines.

Together, we are building a company where many of the world’s best scientists can collaborate internally and externally and develop their research with the speed, mission, and focus of private enterprise. Our success will depend upon a culture of intense collaboration, enthusiasm, and openness.